Monday, March 11, 2013

SOP of Floor Mopping

Policy - To mop all flooring after vacuuming so as to ensure cleanliness at all times.


1. There are two types of mopping, wet and dry mopping.

2. Sweeping, hoovering or dry mopping is done before wet mopping. Dry mopping should be done as and when required to remove superficial dust.

3. Wet mopping is done after hoovering on all hard floors to remove any stains.

4. While mopping the area, start from the corner and come back towards main door to avoid stepping back on the mopped area. Avoid walking on the same floor because it will leave stains.

5. Wet floor signage should be placed while wet mopping for safety.

6. Clean mop and water should be used at all times. Dirty mop should not be used as it will make the floor be more dirty. Dirty water should be changed at regular intervals.

7. The mop should not be dripping wet, it should be squeezed well so that it doesn't leave any water mark.

8. The mop trolley used should not be visible in guest area.

9. A little amount of odourcontractant can be used for fragrance.

10. In case of public areas having wooden floor, dry lamello mop is used for floor mopping.

11. While using a mop head, squeeze water out from the mop refill and follow a motion of 8 design for effective result. Never bend - always stand straighly and use mop head or else it would lead to back pain.

12. The mop trolley should be scrubbed at the end of shift and the mop refill should be sent for washing.

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