Saturday, March 9, 2013

SOP Do Not Disturb Room (DND)

    The objective of the DND is to ensure guests privacy. The DND sign on the room display that the guest staying not to be disturbed at all. However at the same time to keep a proper tracking mechanism to avoid skippers and unprecendented incidents.

General Policy: All the guests room that have the DND sign on the console are not to be disturbed till the time they ask for the service, however those rooms that have been on DND from morning till 2100 hrs are called in order to check on guests safety and also to keep track on skippers.


- Note down the room numbers at evening of the rooms which are on DND from morning, the rooms are to be checked on regular intervals for Clean My Room sign on console.

- But if DND still remains till 2100 hrs. The guest need to be called up in the room.

- If the guest receive the call then ask for the service and then service the room as per request.

- If the guest do not pick up the call then along with Front Office Executive and LP shift incharge enter the room to check whether the guest is in room or he/she has skipped the hotel.

- If the guest is in room then apologize for the inconvenience caused and mention to the guest that we came to check that room was on DND and everything is in order to ensure guest safety.

- If it is a skipper then the same should be mentioned in the discrepency report.

- However, if the guest was found sleeping then slowly close the door without disturbing the guest, same should be mentioned in the discrepency sheet and the log book.

NOTE: if the room is on DND no associate of any departement should enter a room or ring the door bell without the proir permission from manager, or by guest himself/herself.
Double DND room number has to be informed to mod for the day.