Monday, April 1, 2013

SOP of Sevicing Occupied Room

Objective - To know step by step process of servicing occupied rooms.

Materials required - HK trolley, Bathroom cleaning kit, dusters.


Occupied rooms to be serviced on priority.
Follow the same process as of 'making a departure room'.
However certain points to be kept in mind while servicing occupied rooms are:

  • Never work within closed doors. Always put a door belt and clean my room signage. 

  • In case guest comes back to the room, greet him by saying Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening Mr. XYZ, while you are out, I was servicing your room sir. Shall I continue or would you like to me to come back later? 

  • Neatly arrange all guest amenities. It is advisable to put a clean face towel or hand towel and arrange the amenities on top of it. 

  • All shoes should be paired neatly. 

- Valuables in the room should be left untouched and Loss Prevention should be informed for the same.

  • Never change the room placement as done by the guest. Record the same in the system
for future reference,
  • If there is a sharer, double bathroom amenities should be placed. 

  • Always make a single entry point in the room. This means that the room should be opened only once for servicing, maintenance, minibar replenishment etc. This is truly applicable for single lady guest. 

  • Inform front desk and immediate supervisor if the room is a scanty baggage or a no luggage occupied. 

  • Never make noise in the corridor and inside the room, this will have a very negative impression on the guest.
  • Always try to speak to the guest for a comfortable stay and any special preference. 

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