Monday, April 1, 2013

SOP of Servicing Departure Room

Objective - To know step by step process of servicing departure rooms.

Materials required - HK trolley, bathroom cleaning kit, dusters.


  • In case departure is announced, rush and check the minibar for any consumption. Check for any lost and found. 

  • Ring the bell 3 times with an interval of 10 seconds announcing Housekeeping to check whether guest is still inside the room. 

  • Park the trolley properly.
  • Put the door belt, switch on the master switch, draw out the curtains and update the section book. 

  • Keep the cleaning kit in the bathroom, flush water in WC, push the water back with the brush and apply cleaning agent uniformly on the surface leaving it to react. 

  • Keep one set of fresh bed sheet, duvet cover to check if there is any lost and found. 

  • Roll soiled linen into a small bundle and keep on the luggage rack. 

  • Remove all soiled bathroom linen and keep on the luggage rack. 

  • Collect all garbage and with the soil linen go out off the room.

  •  Come back with the vacuum cleaner and keep it next to luggage rack. 

  • Make the bed. 

  • Go to bathroom, wear gloves and start cleaning the closet. 

  • Now clean the bathtub and finally clean the vanity counter. 

  • Clean the vanity counter top and then the mirror or else water might fall back on the mirror while cleaning. Water the potted plant. 

  • Start dusting the room from the main door switch plate in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Check for the maintenance and amenities to place. (It is advised to give major maintenances at the beginning so that the maintenances are done by the time the room is completed). 

  • Place the amenities and bathroom linen. 

  • Vacuum from the farthest corner of the room. 

  • Finally close sheer curtains and mop the floor with odour contractan.

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