Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can You Change or Cancel a Hotel Room?

You can always change or cancel hotel reservations. The question really is can you do so without incurring any charges. There is no standard answer to that.

  1. Hotel Cancellation Policies

    • Hotels state their cancellation policy on their website. This varies from hotel to hotel, and even within various properties of the same chain. If you cancel within the stated cancellation period, there is no charge. Outside of that the hotel usually charges for one night. Make sure you know the cancellation policy before you book a stay.

    Prepaid Hotel Reservation

    • Prepaid stays are charged to the credit card at the time of booking. The cancellation period is longer. Some hotels require at least 72 hours notice as compared to same day notice on non-prepaid reservations. There is also a cancellation fee. Web-only fares state clearly that no cancellation will be allowed.

    Can you Change Your Length of Stay?

    • Say you have booked for three nights, but change your mind after just one night. Most hotels cancel the rest without any charge.

    Can you Change Your Hotel Room?

    • If you find a problem with the room, then you have legitimate grounds to ask for a change. Often the hotel will offer a complimentary upgrade. If you just want to change the room, say to one with a different view, ask the front desk.

    How to Cancel the Hotel Reservation

    • If you have to change or cancel your stay, call the main booking number first. Always get the cancellation number, and the name of the person you spoke with. If he or she asks that you contact the property directly, then ask the agent to make a note in the reservation system.

    Tips and Warnings

    • Generally, a lower room rate has a more restrictive cancellation policy. If you are not sure of your program and do not have enough time to meet the cancellation deadline, then rethink the booking. A lot is at the discretion of the property manager.