Monday, March 12, 2012

Hotel-Restaurant Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance hints

Carpet because there are beautiful, safe, comfortable, clean, sound-absorbing, insulation, etc., in addition to full room carpet outside the shop, was also widely used in restaurants, meeting rooms and other places, also because of the carpet fiber, construction, etc. different, in terms of price, the use of regional, practical aesthetics, durability, etc. are quite different.

According to the different textile fiber materials, commonly used in hotels are mainly three types of carpet, that is, chemical fiber carpets, natural carpets(hotel used wool carpets), and blended carpet.

Star-rated hotels in addition to a number of easy public water outside the region, generally do not lay low-grade carpet fiber. Require star-rated hotels in principle should use a higher proportion of wool fiber blend carpet.

Update cycle of the carpet is generally 5-7 years, but this does not mean to neglect the maintenance of the carpet. If poor maintenance, will be different than in 2012; if the maintenance of good, soft appearance after five years as new, so at the hotel in operation must not be taken lightly on the carpet

Day-to-day carpet cleaning and maintenance procedures are as follows:

1, vacuum cleaners

Thorough carpet cleaning is the most important maintenance work, cleaning the carpet surface will not only remove dust build-up can also smoke in addition to deep in the carpet at the bottom of the gravel, to prevent them from coming and going as a result of friction when the carpet fibers in the root Department of cut fiber, and regular cleaning can reduce the number of carpet cleaning, carpet restoration of flexibility and flexibility, extending its life.

(1) carpet cleaning requirements of the general region in the rooms once a day; guests active regions (such as the lobby, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.) shall be not less than three times a day, usually an ordinary vacuum cleaner can be used, but regular use of upright vacuum cleaners In addition to the complete absorption of impurities in the roots of the carpet, gravel, etc.;

(2) before cleaning to remove large areas of waste and sharps;

(3) vacuum cleaner, the guest rooms or public areas of the corner of the wall of the vacuum cleaners, etc. should be the appropriate choice of vacuum cleaner accessories;

(4) should be used for cleaning out by the method in accordance with a certain degree of order, so as to avoid the omission;

(5) push-pull vacuum cleaner should be used, should be pushed against the hair, pull hair should be cis to ensure that smoke had turned to the carpet fibers consistent yin and yang does not appear after the carpet surface.

2, with the exception of stains

In their daily work and found that there carpet stains, remove it immediately once we have identified the importance of timely removal of stains, and different application of different methods of stain removal, or the spread of infiltration will never be able to stay clear of the dirty track. The following is a brief hotel common carpet stains several approaches:

(1) of butter will be on the carpet thoroughly scrape all the butter, dipping *** wipe with sponge, then dry. If not completely cleared can be repeated until the complete removal date;

(2) cream of the cream carpet first with cloth, dry thoroughly, such as paper towels, and then dipping sponge cleaning detergent solution, the solution dry, then dipping a sponge to clean water, can help dry up the water;

(3) coffee, cola, fruit juice, tea and coffee on the carpet fluid, juice, cola, fruit juice, tea with paper towels, dry cloth solution, then dipping a sponge cleaning detergent solution, and then paper towels, dry cloth solution, and then wipe with a sponge dipped in water, help dry up the water with the same method. If the stains before the wash can be used with a dedicated micro-bleach solution to remove the dry solution of water and then wipe with a sponge dipped and can help dry up the moisture. If this is tea stains, sponge dipped the end application-specific solution of weak acid solution to clean and dry;

(4) found vomit vomit carpet there should be immediately scrape and dry dirt with a sponge dipped detergent solution to clean, the solution with dry cloth or paper towel, and then dipping a sponge to clean water, and then help dry up the water;

(5) chewing gum with a knife to carefully scrape the gum completely (such as chewing gum have been made to form a hard block, it is best to use frozen like ice), their crisp, scrape with a knife, using a sponge dipped *** in carpet cleaning, and then use dry cloth, such as chewing gum, when more can be used repeatedly to carry out the same way, or use a dedicated spray to remove chewing gum;

(6) lipstick first carpet knife to gently scrape the lipstick remnants, using a sponge dipped acetate or detergent solution to clean and then wipe dry the solution, if the use of cleaning agents, you should use a sponge dipped on clean water, then drain the water;

(7) nail polish if the guests do not care to touch the carpet nail polish should be gently clean with a knife, after dipping sponge acetate or nail polish remover wipe with dry cloth, then use the sponge *** dipping wipe dry. Such as nail polish more, they can repeat the above cleaning methods.

(8) blood on the carpet of blood, tissue can be used after dry cleaning with a sponge dipped in cold water, the water and then dry with a sponge dipped detergent solution to clean, dry cloth with the solution, and finally polished with a sponge dipped water , to help dry up the water;

(9) have been charred traces of burning pyrotechnic destruction of carpets, can be accidentally charred Tufting carpet in the end be cut to cover up, then dipping a sponge to wipe cleaners, carpet down on a very short period of carpets, sometimes sandpaper can be polished to remove traces of charred Department.

3, cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a very high technical requirements of the work, the hotel should be equipped with a full-time carpet cleaning, and after a rigorous training in order to operate independently. Four-star hotel called for a thorough cleaning of the carpet for not more than half a year, usually under the carpet should be flexibility to use the frequency of washing time, the carpet cleaning procedures are as follows:

(1) cleaning the carpet before the carpet should be first on the question of regional furniture, dismissal or removal of items;

(2) will be washed thoroughly cleaning carpets;

(3) to check whether carpet stains, stain if it should be the exception;

(4) to check whether it meets the requirements detergents should be avoided or used with oil-based cleaning agent residues, so as not to Jicheng oil, testing method is to carry out evaporation detergent to see whether the residue was vacuum cleaner lessons can be learned shows that the cleaning agent is not the accumulation of dirt, to check the quality of cleaning agents can be used in small carpet on the way to trial;

(5) by the use of detergents, after preparation, into the carpet cleaning machine with liquid-sheng;

(6) when the carpet cleaning machines in strict accordance with the requirements for use or operation, and from the design in order to clean the outside line, so as to avoid the omission;

(7) when wet, in the wash after wash the carpet mechanism, suction machines use water all over the carpet, the net absorption sewage thoroughly so easy to dry the carpet;

(8) with the hair brush against the brush from the carpet fibers, so that after the elastic;

(9) can not leave the carpet dry before printing, or footprints rut;

(10) will be cleaning the region's air volume air-conditioning up to the maximum or the use of electric hair dryer ventilation to easily dry the carpet;

(11) carpet dry after a thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to remove residue and straighten out the side of the carpet fibers;

(12) will be thoroughly cleaned to restore the region to its original state.