Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hotel Receptionist Skill

When guests arrive at a hotel or call to make a booking, the hotel receptionist is often the first person that they speak to. It is the job of the front desk staff to make sure that the guests are taken care of and are made to feel welcome during their stay.
The hotel reception staff must make sure of this, or else the guests may not return if they experience poor service. In the case of large hotels or chain hotels, they would often use an answering service to handle the booking of reservations to assist the front desk staff.

What do they do?

In both large and small hotels, the front desk staff would use a computer to handle guest arrivals and check out. Many hotels often have more than one person working at the front desk to assist with these tasks. A computer would also be used to assist with billing. Upon arrival, the receptionists would allocate a room to the guest and would arrange for an employee to help guests transport their luggage to their room if needed. Throughout their guest's stay, the front desk staff will be the guest's main point of contact with the hotel. If the guest has any concerns, complaints, or special requests, they will speak with the front desk staff.
Another duty of the front desk staff is to receive any phone calls or packages that come in and relay them to the appropriate guest.

What skills are required?

Front desk staff are responsible for presenting an image of the hotel so it is important that a hotel receptionist has a wide variety of skills to assist guests. It is important that they are very friendly, caring, and helpful and that they enjoy serving and assisting people with their needs. It is also necessary that they maintain a professional appearance by being well-dressed and neatly groomed to present a positive image.
In most cases it would be a great advantage if a hotel front desk person had excellent computer skills and was also able to speak more than one language.

Hotel Reception Call Centers

Large hotel chains have centralized call centers to handle bookings, reservation changes and customer care. Small hotels can can enjoy the same advantages by using a telephone answering service that performs the same functions.
Secure internet based "tunneling" allows full service call centers access to the hotel's reservation data base. Professionally trained call centre operators serve as the first line of friendly answering services to the hotel's guests.
When the need arises, telephone answering software can transfer high priority calls to hotel management for quick action.
In this way, the telephone answering service is like extra hotel staff: trained, ready to serve, and always available!
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