Monday, July 1, 2013

SOP Cleaning of Bathtub/Shower Area

Objective : To provide a clean and hygienic guest room and bathroom to all our guests.

Policy       : The objective of cleaning the bathtub/shower area is to keep it clean and hygienic.

1. All bathtubs/shower cubicals are to be washed and scrubbed whenever the room is serviced.

2. The glass panels should not have any water residue left after the cleaning is done.

3. Any salt deposits on the surfaces including glass should be cleaned using lemon eze and water temperatures before starting the bathroom cleaning.

4. Shower head should be free of lime scaling at all times.

5. Wet the bathtub with the water.

6. Spray marble safe bathroom cleaner.

7. Spread the chemical and wait a moment for the chemical to react.

8. Scrub it with bathtub scrubbing brush or white pad.
9. Rinse it with water & wipe dry.

10. Check and clean the bathtub stopper/drain from inside and outside.

11. Clean the glasses using the glass cleaner and squeeze it.

12. Any stains on the bathtub to be cleaned using strongest chemical.