Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SOP of Moving Guest Room (Room Change)

Describes how to move the guest to another room in a smooth and safe manner.


  • ·         Never move an in-house guest from a room to another without her/his own consent

  • ·         Ensure that a suitable room is allocated to the guest which provides them with full satisfaction as per their request.

  • ·         Once the guest has given her/his own consent for the room change, consult with your superior and find out the reason.  Give the guest the best way out and always based on our room availability condition.

  • ·        The housekeeping shift leader must be present to ensure that all belongings are moved and placed correctly in the newly assigned room.

  • ·         The GSA must immediately update all necessary information in the computer system, and inform all departments concerned, i.e., Housekeeping, Laundry, Bell, Operator, Room Service, etc., even though the information has been adjusted in the PMS  and please using the change room form as info .