Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SOP for Guest Relation Officer

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It gives guide line of the standard of service provided to our guests.


  • ·         The Guest Service Agent is responsible for ensuring that the expected service standards of the hotel are duly attained and maintained.

  • ·         The impression created must be one of efficient, fast and personal service by systematically acting in a courteous, helpful, informative and polite manner.

  • ·         Greet all guests at anytime in a friendly and helpful manner, using the correctly pronounced guest’s name if available/possible.

  • ·        Ensure the tidiness and cleanliness of the Lobby Area at all times.

  • ·         Always maintain the established service standards of the hotel.

  • ·         Always be available for hotel guests to ensure that any complaints are handled in a professional way.

  • ·         Be well groomed as per hotel standards, have a pleasant attitude and always be ready to offer assistance at any time.

  • ·         Be thoroughly aware of VIP arrivals & departures on a daily basis.

  • ·         Ensure that departing guests always have a positive last impression of the hotel services and its staff team.

  • ·         Ensure that VIP rooms are blocked as per policy or request, set up and inspected, giving special attention to all the required amenities.

  • ·         Perform any other duty as assigned by any of the Management Team.

  • ·        Be fully conversant with all hotel activities and facilities.

  • ·         Inform any other department / division if it is to be involved in the completion of a required service.

  • ·         Always keep high standards of behavior and appearance as expected/required by the hotel and your attitude towards guests and colleagues shall be irreproachable.