Friday, November 25, 2011

Hotel Bed Making Procedures housekeepers make dozens of beds daily. They are required to complete this part of the job quickly and efficiently. Most housekeepers are expected to be able to make a bed in less than a minute, and change the sheets in two to three minutes. Good hotel bed-making procedures will result in a crisp, clean and well-made bed.

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      Determine if the bed needs to be made. In very rare situations, the guest will have already straightened the sheets and folded the comforter at the bottom of the bed. In this case, the pillows may be fluffed and the sheets smoothed out, but the blankets are otherwise left as the guest arranged them. If the sheets are dirty, they will need to be changed completely before the bed is made. Remove dirty sheets if necessary.
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      Toss the bottom sheet over the bed, if you are changing the sheets. This can be done by standing at the foot of the bed and holding on to the bottom edge of the sheet while throwing the rest of the sheet into the air above the bed. With practice, the sheet will fall smoothly onto the bed.
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      Smooth the bottom sheet and tuck under any loose corners. In hotel beds, the bottom sheet is not fitted like the sheets sold for home use. The bottom sheet is flat, the same as the top sheet. This makes it easier to work with and, especially, to launder and fold. Tuck in the edges and corners of the bottom sheet. This is usually done with square corners. The sides are tucked under first. Then, the triangular corner of the sheet is pulled outward and tucked neatly along the edge of the mattress.
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      Spread the top sheet over the bottom one. Pull the top sheet up to the top of the mattress and smooth it out. Pull the blanket up as well, leaving it about two inches below the top of the sheet. Fold the top edge of the sheet over the blanket.
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      Fold the edges and corners of the top sheet and blanket under the mattress in the same way the bottom sheet was folded under.
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      Cover the bed with the comforter. Place the pillows beneath the top of the comforter, and smooth the comforter over top of them. Still working on top of the comforter, slide your hand beneath the pillows so that there is a crease in the comforter where the pillows are. In some hotels, the comforter may alternately be folded at the foot of the bed rather than pulled over the entire mattress.

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